Create an App with Professional Developers UK

UK Smartphone and web applications have proven to be a highly successful tool for growing a customer base and increasing business productivity. Our software development company UK offers you an opportunity to create an outstanding app with innovative designs and functionality to advertise your products, communicate to your customers and, as a result, add value to your business.

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Solid Experience in App Development

We have a solid background in business app creation and a profound understanding of the latest trends in the digital market. Over years we have developed lean strategies of client communication, app development and quality assurance that ensure first-class result of our work. We have a broad experience in developing successful applications for large and small businesses from all around the world, thereby, you can rely on us to supply you with a top-notch solution that perfectly fits into your business goals.

Software Creation Strategies to Ensure Quality Results

So what exactly are these strategies that ensure a 100% success for your business app? First of all, we thoroughly plan each of our projects alongside our clients: we carefully listen to your ideas, suggest additional ways to optimise them and set clear objectives of what we want to achieve with the app. This enables us to guarantee you that our experienced development team will supply you with an excellent products that meets all your requirements without missing a deadline.

How to Create a Successful Application

The core principles we always follow to ensure the highest quality of our products are:

Client communication

We establish a close and friendly relations with each of our client, because we strongly believe that both side has to to take an active part in the development process to achieve success in the long run. We always look for feedback from our clients whom we keep informed on every step we take and welcome to participate in decision-making. Our talented and ambitious developers aim at perfection - they are never satisfied with average results because they truly want your application to get recognized and receive amazing reviews.

Research and Analytics

We work hard for your project to bring as many benefits to your business as possible. We do not just create an app - we find ways for it to boost your growth and bring income. To guarantee that our strategies really work we provide you with all necessary analytics based on the market research carried out by our specially trained experts.


Our creative and passionate developers UK can provide you with any IT solution you may need: mobile app development, web app creation, bespoke software development, website building and optimisation and many other online business solutions. We make sure that your application will have technically advanced features and good-looking designs that users will absolutely love. Moreover, the app will perfectly fit into your business - every element form an icon to a user menu will keep in line with your branding or, in case you are a startup, will define an appealing identity for your newborn enterprise. Employing our great skills in user experience design, we will deliver a user-friendly and entertaining software that will attract new customers and retain existing ones.

App Developers UK: Mobile-Friendly Design

A responsive website is a must in a digitally advanced world of today where the most of online activities are done through mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablets. No matter what kind of device is used, a website with responsive designs guarantees that a user will see it exactly as intended. RWD adjusts the way the interface is displayed for a user who enters it from a desktop computer, a mobile phone or any other pocket device. Users no longer have to zoom in tiny objects on their screen, because a mobile-friendly website gives them an opportunity to see all the content in the most convenient way based on their screen size.

Advantages of a Responsive Website

The major reason to develop a responsive website or optimise your current website for mobile is, of course, the fact that mobile usage has exceeded desktop usage, according to the latest statistics. Although, any website can still be accessed via various devices - a browser identifies what kind of device is used and redirects a user to the version that suits it most. Recent reports indicate that over the last year about 350 million smartphones were sold worldwide and the number is constantly growing. The need for mobile presence is obvious - is your business does not have a responsive website, then it is high time you developed it. Do not way until your competitors draw in your potential customers - strike while the iron is hot.

Search Engine Optimisation for your Business

A major advantage of any responsive website is that it can be manages with a single set of links. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, increases your visibility across devices and boosts your website traffic. As a result, your pages rank high among the top results generated by a search engine, which is ensured by useful and regularly released content. The more qualitative, relevant and grammatically correct content you publish, the more chances for success in search results you have. On top of that, Google views mobile-friendly websites as more valuable.

How to Efficiently Manage a Website?

If you are tired of using many different tools to manage content on your website, our experienced developers can build a website management system that will allow you to save time and resources when arranging the content on your web pages. Automating routine procedures and optimising the managing process, a custom CMS significantly enhances productivity and enables you to publish sought-after content that is easy to discover.

How Can you Access a Website Without Internet Connection?

The HTML5 markup language has browsing features that make it possible to gain access to websites when you are offline. This means that even without steady internet connection you will still be able to load web pages on-the-go. This technology can be implemented thanks to responsive design. Software development do not consist merely of programming, design and testing - search engine optimization, promotion, support, post-launch research and other activities play a vital part in development for mobile devices too.

Why Responsive Design is All-Important?

Portable device usage grows at an incredibly high pace. More and more content is read on the screens of smartphones and tablets every day, making responsive design a must-have for any web experience. Our talented designers have created a great amount of mobile-friendly web apps and websites that have gained recognition and brought steady income to their owners. Our IT experts will make sure that your webpage keeps in line with the latest technologies and looks amazing on all kinds of devices.

Create in App with Professional Developers UK

An app created by professional developers adds another dimension to your business, which is exactly what many modern businesses lack. Mobile presence can benefit your business in many different aspects and our skilled developers know how to make them all work. In today’s liberal working conditions employees are free to use any kinds of devices of their choice - from corporate laptops and equipment to personal smartphones and tablets - which requires a great flexibility of enterprise tools and programs.

Run Business from a Mobile Device

Mobile applications that enable users to share information on-the-go or offline can subject corporate data to various risks, that is why our enterprise app development team always puts a strong emphasis on security of our products. Such software ensures mobility and facilitates master data management, providing access to corporate data from any place at any time. As a result, businesspeople are always connected to corporate messengers, e-mail, contacts, spreadsheets and tasks no matter where they are - our app developers absolutely guarantee you that. Your employees will be able to work cooperatively even if they are at opposite ends of the earth. Bespoke software optimised for mobile devices make it possible to run business without hiatus - you can answer on a business proposal, discuss an important project, take part in a business meeting or collect valuable data by means of one single device equipped with the app developed by our team.

Remote Access to Business Processes

As you can see, it is absolutely possible to initiate business conversations and solve business issues directly from your mobile phone with the help of our innovative quality applications. Enterprise mobile apps provide for further advantages - for instance, they enable you to participate in decision-making in real time and quickly respond to fast-changing business environment, which is really beneficial in today’s highly competitive market. Staying online is particularly crucial for high-ranking officials, because only this way they can always be aware of the current state of affairs in the company. Of course, enterprise mobile functionality also helps with everyday tasks like accessing spreadsheets, editing documents or creating timetables.

Areas of App Development Expertise

Corporate software - we create apps for all areas of business, implementing all the latest technological trends. Our specially trained experts evaluate what solution fits your business needs best on the basis of a discussion with the representatives of your company. We have experience building successful applications for small local businesses and large international companies and are willing to translate these accomplishments to your project, finding a unique solution specifically for your organization. Our development team can tackle even the hardest issues including creating a mobile retailing store, building a platform for mobile services, creating a network for cloud computing or developing a complex tracking system - there is no IT solution that our aspiring and forward-minded developers cannot figure out. If you want to boost your growth, enhance productivity, establish effective communication or optimise your expenses, contact us, and we will find a solution that is right for you.
Educational apps - nowadays many classrooms are equipped with modern technologies and devices. The IT industry offers many advantages to the education sector, supplying colleges, schools, teachers and student with helpful software. In such circumstances, it is natural that the educational process is no longer bound by classrooms. Educational mobile applications make learning entertaining and engaging - they track your progress and encourage further learning by various competitions, achievements and awards. That is sure a way to make learning fun: smartphones and tablets are useful for measuring progress and have the full potential to encourage significantly more interactivity. To be at the forefront of this revolution, Magora is operating within several educational institutions and academies alongside high schools.