Start Up Business Ideas

Below are some suggestions for startup business ideas that may help you get a start with your internet business empire.

  • Create Software and eBooks – Software and e-books are both areas that have a lot of potential for startup business ideas. The emphasis needs to be on creating genuine value though. Most e-book products you find on the internet are crammed to the brim with worthless filler, and people have become thoroughly sick of them. A better approach is to browse forums and other discussion areas and look for problems that people are encountering but are not finding solutions for, and then create a software product or e-book that solves that problem for them. You will need to do some heavy research to find genuine solutions for the problems you are solving, but once you have that information you can use freelancing sites to outsource the work of creating the software product or eBook. Be prepared to iterate the development until the product is of sufficient quality and value to be worth selling. In addition to selling the e-books and software directly, you can also give them away for free and include affiliate offers that relate to the problem that the product is intended to solve.
  • Social Website Games – Most people know what Farmville is and you may also have heard of the many other games that have become popular on social websites such as Facebook. Social games provide many opportunities for startup business ideas. There are many social platforms for publishing online games these days and new ones such as Google+ that are arriving on the scene all the time. Casual games that are published on these platforms can become popular very quickly due to the viral marketing and social sharing opportunities built into these platforms, as well as the advertising options that these sites provide. Games can easily be sourced from freelancing sites and adapted to your needs, or you can buy one of the many browser-based game scripts available on the web and have it customized to make it more unique. These games can be monetized via up-sells within the game that can be paid for either by using micro-transactions or CPA gateway services such as CPALead. Many social websites have their own micro-transaction systems built into their platform that you can also make use of. You can also use free social games as platforms to promote affiliate offers and products.
  • Flipping Websites – Flipping websites has been popular for some time; however the emphasis is becoming more centered on higher quality sites that have a steady revenue stream. Start up business ideas here include buying an affiliate marketing website that has been developed but never appropriately advertised and then promoting it effectively. After sitting on the site for several months, it should have enough proven traffic and revenue flowing to it for it to be an attractive proposition for a potential buyer. If the affiliate marketing site is an attractive enough proposition then you may even want to hold onto it and reap the rewards of its revenue stream yourself. Adding Google Analytics to a site to ensure that traffic can be proven is a smart thing to do, and you may also want to keep a history of revenue screenshots to prove that a viable revenue stream exists.
By using your imagination and thinking outside the box you can find new ways to get value from existing start up business ideas and can come up with new ones of you own. There are many opportunities for making money directly with these ideas and for using them as platforms to promote affiliate offers.