Medical care


This app connects the remote GP with his/her patients via Internet. The Android based App with video-mode, created by our company for one of the local medical centers in Yorkshire, let the doctor see the patient’s condition in the period of remission and let the patients do emergency call quick and easy with one click.
Transport & Logistics


This iOS application provides the business owner (multinational production corporation) the ability to plan deliveries of produced agricultural goods to all of the branches in the UK, the USA, Canada, Europe and Scandinavia with minimum time delay and optimal expenses.

Web-platform for one of the London Universities

The most important features, which were implemented are:
Students block;
Tutors block;
Automation of the schedule construction;
And internal messenger for all the staff, based on the hierarchy.
Transport & Logistics

Flight Tickets

Web- and mobile app for choosing the best flight connections, integrated with the messenger. This internal enterprise app lets all the staff make business trips cheaper, easy and to synchronize the schedule of flights to the meetings and conferences without additional communication via mail or Skype.
Management & Finance

Cost Control Tool

This case is a result of our development for one of London-based Insurance company. We’ve created an app, which provides non-limited opportunity to add costs to each of the insured objects. Based on the technology of JS-trees, this application helps to count the profit and loss for every insurance policy during the whole period of the contract. Within one click ROI of each of the object in the companies DB is clear. Reports can be downloaded as Excel file, pdf or e-mail message. Integration with internal contact list automates the delivery of reports.

Mobile application for a famous FIY internet-shop

Fast, user-friendly and attractive. Here our team have done the integration of internal company DB with the app, developed business reports calculation of ROI for each of the products groups, based on deliveries and returns within a quarter period.